Saturday, January 1, 2011

what was intended to be media's priorities and values?

Media’s priorities and values

If Galileo lived in our time, his finding of the earth spherical would definitely have
put to TV debate between Manish Tiwari of Congress and Ravi Shankar Prasad of BJP by our beloved Arvav Goswami at Times TV, followed by Barkha and Rahul Kanwal respectively at NDTV and Headlines Today, and would have ultimately left the entire world in doubt about the truth of the matter !

Truth is the ultimate casualty in such media shows. People are usually left bewildered after the bombardment of such debates and shows. Merely reporting the news was the weirdest of the cause that media had undertaken at the inception stage of their institution, though it had suited those remote times. The need of our time is different. Media’s sticking on to the old professional vows even now has left the world orphaned for an agency to stand for man's rationality. Media was the sole agency suited to represent human Reason, and his spirit of inquiry in the world, with its large cadre of educated and well read professionals.

Ways of the world are mad and without much rational direction as everyone would agree. When media simply report this madness, people naturally internalize it, adding up to the graveness of the situation.

Up keeping  Reason as the open cause of Media would have saved them from all confusions and doubts in the profession. It would have acted as the secret guideline at cross roads, as well as MOTHER PREMISE for inferring their conclusions and leanings at difficult situations.  

Path of reason was the highway from where journalists and politicians traveled deep into the by-lanes of their respective professions. But they have made their highly institutionalized private pockets there in the by-lanes, and showing reluctance to return to the  mother highway for continuing the journey ! Democracy's destination, that of man's achieving more and more inclusive civilizational growth on earth is still very far away!

They have forgotten their base identity too, as ‘people’,  in the act. In democracy, we all are people first. The institutions and Estates are made by us for achieving our above collective goal.